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Yu Hua’s “China in Ten Words” comments

Yu Hua’s writing is some of the most engaging for me that we’ve read. He really knows how to draw readers in from the very start. The intro provided a descriptive image filled short story that grabs your attention. I can tell that he really likes to draw from his own experiences in all of his writing. I’ll admit, he does focus on himself a lot, but that also adds to the analysis he gives. I like that he tends to compare current day China to the China of 30, 40, and 50 years ago. I’ve also really liked the feelings of nostalgia that you get from the readings. Even though we never experienced what he is speaking about, the way he writes the essays draws you in enough so that it’s nearly as close. He is more complimentary of Mao that I originally expected. He writes things like, “Only Mao could carry this off” and “Many years after the 1976 death of a genuine leader,” referring to Mao. Not just Mao, but that whole period seems to hold a lot of meaning for Yu Hua. He writes about current day China with surprising negativity, such as “China today is a land of huge disparities” and others. I don’t have much to critique of Yu Hua, as all his writing has been enjoyable and fascinating to read.