New Project & Challenges

As I have just recently decided to change my area of focus for the project, I am somewhat back at square one. The main challenge for me right now is to catch up to where I was before changing the research. I need to find out what my main questions are and organize my project and information. I have to find new primary and secondary sources and begin reading them. I believe the hardest thing will simply be catching up and being prepared for the draft due in a little over a week.

My new area of research is on athletes in China. Though I’ll be focusing somewhat on scandals and reports surrounding performance enhancing drugs and the athletes, I will also probably do more research on the general training process of national and Olympic athletes. I may also touch on the rumors and reports of under-aged Olympic athletes in China. I’ve found some particular case studies about all the previous topics mentioned that I will be using throughout the research.

I think one more challenge in this new project is finding genuine reports coming out of China on this topic and not just from other countries. I want to make sure I get the opinion of the Chinese people and facts coming from those involved. I may do some more extensive research with athletes who have a past of being caught using performance enhancing drugs. I will look into the reports of Chinese athletes being forced into taking performance-enhancing drugs with the excuse that it is for scientific training. I’m looking forward to seeing what I find.

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