Challenges with Research Projects

I’ve always had the trouble with research projects in that I am always trying to take on more than I can handle. I have trouble narrowing down my questions to one topic and end up without a solid few questions to follow. My research then begins to go astray and I become confused as to what I really wanted to know.

With this particular research project, I’m finding myself with a similar problem. I’m researching North Korean refugees treatment in China and discovering the desire to take under the broader topic of general refugees as well as wanting to know about the living conditions of the North Korean refugees in China. Another difficulty would be that a lot of the information I’m gathering is coming from countries outside of the two I’m focusing on. Due to the extensive censorship of media and information in China, as well as the fact that it is a sensitive topic for the Chinese government, I’m having difficulties getting a true feel of the opinion of the Chinese people about these refugees. I was aware that this would be a difficulty going into the project, but I’m hoping to find some good information after some digging.

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